Product portfolio


Throughout this course, we have delved into the theory of game play. We have experienced and researched VR and applied theory to this field of research in order to create our own concept that rethinks sociality within Virtual Reality. This framework forms the basis of our game Warlock v Wizards, that can be experienced through these following products.


Our DOKK1 presentation describes the core problem situation of our Virtual Reality experience, and why it is a problem. Using theory from the course, we have identified several issues with Virtual Reality that could be changed in order to create a better social experience. We present this theory and how we have incorporated it into our game concept to try and tackle these issues. Our presentation includes a description and a video of our game, that serves as a future-scenario of what Virtual Reality games could be, when our concept of hybrid spaces is used as a core element in game developement. Our contribution of hybrid spaces adds to the research field of games, as well as to gaming experiences.


This video pitch serves as a visual representation of the core problem situation we have identified when discussing sociality within a Virtual Reality context, and why this is a problem. It shows our thoughts on Virtual Reality as an individual experience that does not allow sociality to occur. It illuminates our rethinking process and also serves a teaser for our game. The video pitch does not describe the rules of the game, nor how it should be played. Instead the video pitch is based on a range of quick clips from the gameplay to illustrate the movement and enjoyment of the game. It portrays how immersion and sociality are enhanced through the game.

Academic Poster

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 21.26.19

For our exhibition at DOKK1, we have made an academic poster that aims to portray the issues of our research field, that of sociality within Virtual Reality, while at the same time portraying means to solve the mentioned issues.

The poster attempts transport you into the same magical space where the game takes place. The layout is simple and tells in short terms the main focus points of our project. In short, the poster is a visual portrait of our entire process, our applied theories, our game product and how we aim to rethink sociality.


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